Player/Parent Contract

Player/Parent Contract

Professional behavior is expected at all times & in all circumstances by both the player and the parent. There should be no conversation with umpires, coaches, players, or parents regarding a call or a play. We will not tolerate players that throw bats, helmets or show disruptive behavior on the field or in the dugout. Parent and player acknowledge and agree that when participating in activities organized by the TSA South organization, their actions reflect on the reputation of the TSA South organization, coaching staff and it’s players. TSA South reserves the right to dismiss from the team any player who breaches good sportsmanship or ethics, or who engages in any activity with TSA in its sole and absolute discretion determines are contrary to the best interest of the TSA South organization.

Please be courteous to the Coaching staff & allow coaches to coach. Parents are encouraged to work with their sons, but not during game time or practices. That includes comments or instruction when up to bat & especially after errors. Outbursts & Disruptive Behavior from the Parents, Fans & Players will not be tolerated in this organization – such actions will result in removal from team & organization.

Addressing Concerns/Problems:

We encourage an open relationship between coaches, players & parents & keeping the communication line open. Parents should call the manager or coach to set up an appropriate time to address questions or concerns. For your sake & for the sake of the players DO NOT bring up concerns during & after a game or in the middle of a practice. It is easy to exhibit good sportsmanship when things are going our way. How do we conduct ourselves when things are not going our way?

Should player/parent quit, withdraw or leave the team at any point, for any reason once a team position has been accepted WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND of any kind. Should a player decide to leave the team & still have a balance due – they will not be held liable for the remaining balance. However, all fees paid up to the players departure will not be refundable.


Arsenal fee $150 due immediately (this fee is good for 12 months)

Showcase player fee 14u-18u $650 due by March 31st 2019 (summer fee)

            Fall fee for showcase will be $450, our PBR Pro day will be a discounted separate charge, TBD. (If you have a sibling in our program, there will be a 50% discount for yearly player fees).

All Arsenal rostered players will be required to attend the PBR Pro day.

Our Season should end at or around October 16th 2019.

Release of Liability  

 With the signing of this contract, parents and player hereby release TSA South organization, coaching staffs, and other players from and against any and all claims, injuries, and/or damages which the player and /or parent may suffer during or as a result of the player’s participation in the TSA South organization, including but not limited to travel to and from practices, games, tournaments, and/or related activities. Parents shall indemnify the TSA South organization, coaching staffs, and other players from and hold them harmless against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, cost and expenses including legal fees and court costs of or in connection with the player’s participation in the TSA South organization and/or the player’s performance of the terms of this agreement.

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